Friday, March 6, 2015

Join our Kickstarter campaign and Bring ModMath to Android Users and Algebra Students

Make ModMath 2.0 a Reality

You may recall my first blog last April. I wrote about  ModMath, a new iPad app my husband and I developed to help kids with dysgraphia complete math homework without pen or paper.

We built this app out of desperation. Our son, Henry, was falling behind in math because his handwriting is so terrible, even he couldn’t read it. And because he couldn’t write math problems, he couldn’t solve the math problems. Despite an exhaustive search, we couldn’t find an existing technology to help him.

Our free app uses the touch screen and an on-screen keypad to set up and solve math problems without ever using pencil and paper. Assignments are laid out on virtual graph paper that can be e-mailed to the teacher.

The response to our app from the LD community has been overwhelming. Thousands have shared our story with their social media communities. To date, we’ve had nearly 27,000 people download our app.

We receive a steady stream of letters thanking us for creating ModMath. However, we receive an equal number  of queries asking for additional features like a keyboard that can support higher-level math courses. (The current version is geared towards kindergarten thru six graders.)  

Parents also ask us to create an Android version.. We’ve even had teachers write in asking if it would be possible to create worksheets for their students using ModMath. 

We are committed to adding whatever enhancment we can afford. However, we’ve already tapped out our personal funds on the beta version. So here’s what we’re up to:

We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, where anyone moved to do so can make a donation. Here’s a link to our video and site. Give if you can. And if you can’t,  just promoting our story on social media will help us reach our goal.

Additionally, we entered into a fiscal sponsorship deal with a nonprofit called MarinLink.  This qualifies us for 501c3 status, and allows us to seek grant money from various foundations.

Kids with learning disabilities have enough challenges. And if there’s a way to eliminate even one isn’t it worth it to rise to the occasion?


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  2. I was so amazed when saw what this app did. I thought of all the frustrating hours that my son could be saved next year in Algebra II if this was available on an android. I hope the project is moving forward. May you guys be blessed for making this available to folks who can't afford an iPad. There are a lot out there that could benefit that I know of.